Get TOgether! Marvel Vs. Gaff


This Friday at The weekly Get TOgether we have my homie Marvel from the Freshest once again to come rock with Me, Marvel holds down one of my favourite Nights in Vancouver at 'Happy Ending' at Fortune Sound, which is undoubtedly one of my favourite clubs in the country,  if You haven't heard the GangStarr dedication remix we did last year of 'Just To Get A Rep' then check it! 

 JUST TO GET A RIP (The Gaff & Marvel RMX) by THE GAFF

The Socialist: Fort Knox & Gaff


This Saturday We are switching nights, I'll be rocking The Social List party with The Big Homie Jon H instead of the weekly Get Together, which'll have Charly Hustle fillin in for me,  as it turns out there's a crazy April Fool's Party in Edmonton i'm gonna go check out with Askillz and Fort Knox, I'll be bringing back Jon With me To rock Scratch for the saturday crowd! dopeness!

Get Together ft. Mat The Alien


So Last night at the weekly Get Together we had the tall homie Mat The Alien join me at Scratch, with the boys Chris Cole, Muchi Mambo and Mr.Fudge in the front room settin it off proper, definately a bangin night all around, i'm always hyped whenever we get to have someone that has a calibre of skills because to me, being able to cut records is what really sets apart the men from the boys in this DJ game......

Spread Love Is What We Need

alright people, another party break for you, perfect timing for Valentine's I wanted to give you all a gift at 1000 soundcloud followers so here you go! I made this one a few years ago while waiting in the Toronto airport, made me think; "how many ill jams are made by producers nowadays waiting in airports and on the plane?" no has to carry around an mpc anymore....... Spread Love Is What We Need by THE GAFF


christmas eve already? yup-----thought it to be about time to share with you all my live mix I recorded last month for my Show at Fortune Sound in Vancouver, which to say the least, was an amazing sound system, an amazing crowd, and just all around dope in general! I'd like to thank everyone for all the great feedback, if u follow the link, there is a tracklisting up on soundcloud, and if u don't follow the link, The mix was performed live in one take using: 2 1200's, the Rane TTM 57, Scratch Live and the Novation Dicers..................word!

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