Funk The World: The Gaff guest mix

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"Wow! When I was asked to contribute to Fort Knox's Epic 'Funk The World' series, I was ecstatic! Given a month time to work on it, the pressure was on! Taking Fans 'around the world' through a musical journey is one of my favourite ways to flaunt obscure sounds. Within these 45 minutes, you'll hear Funk Drums, Latin Melodies & Rhythms, Lebanese Funk, Afrobeat, Brazilian, Latin Jazz, African Funk, Cumbia, and of course, since it's 'Fort Knox'; BREAKBEATS! Much of this is recorded from the original vinyl, and you'll hear a grip of exclusive edits & blends to this mix! Enjoy!"


Friends and Fam! Stoked to bring you the 1st ever official Solo Gaff Release; Do That Thing! The good people at Punchout Records reached out to kick off a new 45's project. Do That Thing is a fun track that I needed multiple versions of to get it right under any circumstance, whether it's the Original version, a more stripped down bonus beats version for my Dj's that want freedom and flexibilty to cut over top, or just the Drums, it's got it! Under The Sun has been a classic Gaff party staple that I made in 2010, previously unavailable to the public until now, and on 45 to boot! I wanted to find a way to flip this classic in a new way, So it's with gratitude that I'm able to bring you this kind of music and that there is such a demand for it in this predominantly electronic age. I always say: "keep one foot in the future, and one foot in the past, and you'll surely find yourself in the here and now"


Hip Hop & Rock have gone together since producers could first sample a 1 second guitar stab from a record! I wanted to use the OBX bass sound ever since I first heard it in the early 90′s. With Bass music holding its own right now, I made this track to contribute this union; something I could scratch over, as well as hold its own for the home listener.

 I'm excited to give this one out to you guys in anticipation of my next EP on Punchout "Do That Thing" on limited 45 & Digital Release next month. I'm sure you will have as much fun with this track as I did making it. I made this song while teaching in front of the students at the Recording Arts Institute of Sask last fall, my segment on Electronic Music Production with Ableton. While of course it features my traditional Hip Hop Methods: Sampling & Drum Pads, It also has me playing the OBX Sound in Ableton as well as the guitar. While some of you may think this a departure from my usual Soulful & Funk rhythms, any of you who listened to Myself & Factor's Mix/Album 'The Trip Beyond' know that I also love rock & psychedelic music. This track, for me, bridges all those gaps! 

Katakana Edits Vol.7: The Gaff

Yo! Soulful brothers & Sisters, I wanna thank ALL OF YOU, who purchased this pack! It stayed at NO.1 overall sales at Juno for over 2 weeks straight, and stayed No.1 of it's Genre for almost 2 months! Super grateful for all of you who appreciated the hard work I put into these cuts. Technically, the only one that wasn't an Edit (in the traditional sense) was: 'Zamboozee' and while I was saving it for a future project, I thought it would be a great addition to this pack! 

If you haven't purchased this collection of tracks, click the 'Buy This Track Here' link below!:

Soul Sisters Stand UP! Release Party

2 months ago we released: Soul Sisters Stand UP! With our initial Release party in Toronto, we are doing it up for western Canada in Saskatoon! 35,000 plays later, we wanna thank all of you for the feedback, support, & the Love! All of you that have liked the youtube practice video, we are pleased to let y'all know there's another on the way. word!

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