Lou Rawls VS. The Gaff

Ok, So instead of giving you guys tunes I made years ago, how about a tune I made yesterday?
Woke up, started reading my book, a little meditation, then I guess this is what needed to happen. 
All sounds from Vinyl from my collection at the House of Wax
The Lou Rawls Christmas Album is a must for anyone, Produced by David Axelrod and arranged by HB Barnum, you can hear it instantly in the instrumentation, there's truly nothing else like it.

this is my favourite verse: 
"When hearts are filled with joy
instead of worry and fear
that's when the words "merry christmas"
will be so much more sincere
so let's all keep hopin and prayin
the time will soon be comin when
christmas will really be christmas
and the whole world will smile again"


merry christmas :-)

Gaff, Winter Solstice, 2013.

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