Friends and Fam! Stoked to bring you the 1st ever official Solo Gaff Release; Do That Thing! The good people at Punchout Records reached out to kick off a new 45's project. Do That Thing is a fun track that I needed multiple versions of to get it right under any circumstance, whether it's the Original version, a more stripped down bonus beats version for my Dj's that want freedom and flexibilty to cut over top, or just the Drums, it's got it! Under The Sun has been a classic Gaff party staple that I made in 2010, previously unavailable to the public until now, and on 45 to boot! I wanted to find a way to flip this classic in a new way, So it's with gratitude that I'm able to bring you this kind of music and that there is such a demand for it in this predominantly electronic age. I always say: "keep one foot in the future, and one foot in the past, and you'll surely find yourself in the here and now"

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